Different Types of Access Control Systems

Different Types of Access Control Systems

An access control system isn’t complete without the hardware that gives it life. Still, different hardware components serve other purposes and are essential in different ways depending on your needs and how many doors you have to work with. Knowing which parts you need is just as important as knowing why you need them, so we’ve put together this breakdown of the different types of access control parts you need to know about in order to get the most out of your security system overall. The most reliable name when it comes to access control systems’ parts is lintechtt. Check out some of their best products below!

What Is an Access Control Panel?

The access control panel is the brain behind an access control system. It provides all of its electrical power, and it links into a network that allows you to control who enters or exits specific areas. Many people are familiar with electronic keys, but you can also create an access system using biometrics, which includes fingerprint readers and facial recognition systems.

Different Types of Access Control Systems

Remote Controls/Remotes

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Magnetic Card Readers

The magnetic card reader is probably what comes to mind when you think of an access control system. Also called a swipe reader, these have been used since day one and are still prevalent today. A magnetic stripe contains encoded data, which is read by a card reader and then decoded by software on a computer or an electronic lock. These usually cost less than other types of readers, but they can be unreliable as it’s not uncommon for them to wear out over time.

Passport Scanner/Reader

For physical access control, a passport scanner is an easy way to collect basic information about visitors—and it can send that data straight into your security system. Plus, these devices scan both U.S. and international passports, are quickly and easily programmable for different regulations, and offer options for biometric verification (like facial recognition) or retinal scanning.

Card Dispenser

People usually think access control system parts only include things like card readers and proximity cards. However, there are actually a bunch of components that make up an access control system. One of these components is called a card dispenser, which comes in handy when you want to give your employees, or customers access to areas that they’re allowed in. Without them, you’d have difficulty giving others access.


Of course, there are a number of other parts that you may need for your access control system. Some manufacturers include these in their kits, but others won’t. Make sure you talk with your access control system professional about what else you might need to make your security set-up go off without a hitch.