Your Guide To The Best Camping Beds Of 2023

Your Guide To The Best Camping Beds Of 2023

You don't have to be a princess with a pea allergy to realize that a comfortable bed is the key to a good night's sleep; the same holds when camping as when sleeping in your bed at home.

When you're first getting ready for a camping trip, it may seem like a luxury, but when the clock strikes, it might be your single most useful possession.

The sleeping bed camping can make even the furthest and chilliest campsite feel like a welcoming haven for the night, and you can always take it out of your tent and use it as a makeshift sun lounger during the day.

Vango Shangri-La II 10 Double

The Vango Shangri-La II 10 is the most comfortable camping bed we've ever used. It's halfway between a standard inflated camping mat and a thick airbed, and it improves stability and comfort thanks to its flat, soft surface.

Rather than an air mattress, it is more like lying on a foam one. We reviewed the 10cm deep variant of the Vango Shangri-La II, but it also comes in 7cm and 15cm heights and single and double configurations for each.

A major perk is that it inflates itself without any intervention on your part; flip the valve to the correct position and walk away. The same ingenious valve may be turned around when it's time to go.

Quechua Camping Bed Base

This is the best camping bed on the market in 2022 if you want to sleep like a king or queen in the great outdoors or use it as a guest bed at home. This is luxury at its finest: two airbed bases can be combined to form a full-size double bed.

It's 25 centimeters deep, so you won't feel as though you're sleeping on the frozen ground; instead, you'll be suspended in the warmer air of the tent. An additional advantage is that your mattress is far less likely to be punctured by a sharp stone because of its raised position.

Sea To Summit Extreme ETHER Light XT 3.

The Sea to Summit is the best choice for those who want substantial comfort without the weight penalty. Although it's just 10cm when inflated, making it smaller than most of the alternatives below, its Air Sprung Cell design means that each cell conforms to your body for more comfort. As deflated, it takes up roughly the same space as a 500g bag of pasta, making it suitable for hikers ready to carry a little additional weight in exchange for extra coziness when the sun goes down.

Kelty Waypoint SI Sleeping Pad

The Kelty is a high-quality camping mat that is only sold in the United States. This self-inflating mat delivers 3 inches of air and foam padding, a smooth stretch fabric topper that won't become sweaty and slippery at night, and the most conventional mattress-like experience you can have while camping. A smart three-way valve makes inflating, deflating and putting it up when you're done. It will do much of the job alone.